Privacy Consent and Acknowledgement

Applicable to all individual finance customers who are applying for with Direct Personal Loans (hereafter call “The Business”).


Acknowledgement that the business may disclose personal information about me / us to a credit reporting agency, Direct Personal Loans debt collection agents, my /our Employers, my / our landlord Agent, or anyone Direct Personal Loans may nominate at any time after making an Application with the business. This information may include, but is not limited to:

My /our full name including any aliases or previous names.

My / our full address, including a maximum of 3 addresses. This will include our current residential address and may include, two immediate preceding address, where application.

My / our sex.

My / our date of birth.

My / our drives licence numbers.

The name of my / our current or last employer.

The amount of credit applied for with the business.

The fact that the business is a current credit provider to me / us. 

(Identity particulars are as permitted by the Privacy Commission determination issued under Section 18E (3) of the Privacy Act 1998).

This information is collected ad utilised in accordance with the privacy Act 1988, and is used for the purpose of assessing the risk of providing credit to you, managing that credit facility to you, and in the collection of outstanding monies for you (s60 Trade Practices Act.)

In particular (but without limitation) subject to the Privacy Act 1988 we may;

Obtain an Individual and Commercial Credit Report about from such credit reporting agency to assess your application,

Exchange personal information about you with any credit provider, named by you or which is contained in any credit reported issue by a credit reporting agency.

Gathered permitted information about any defaults committed by you

Disclose details of any credit infringements with the business.

Contact any personal references given by you to the business. This contact will not disclose if you provide personal information o us about any other individuals, you will ensure that the individual is made aware that we have that information, our intended uses and disclosure of it, their rights of access to it and our contact details.

I/ We agree to advise this business if there are any changes to personal information of credit information that is held by the business while the credit contract is in force.

I/ We agree that no claim will be made against the business where such information is found to be incomplete, outdated or inaccurate due to my/our negligence in so advising the business.

Every acknowledgment will remain in force until such time that the credit contract is paid in full and until such time that my/ our liability owing to the business is discharged.

Subject to some exceptions, you have the right to access personal information which we hold about you. You can arrange such access with a duty authorised officer of the business.