Our Costs

Our Costs are Simple and up Front
The Fees

Setup Fee: $20.00 per $100.00 borrowed.
Account Fee: $4.00 per $100 borrowed per month (or part there of)

Example: $300 borrowed  3x $20.00 = $60 set up fee and
paid back within 6 weeks  2x $12.00 = $24 account fee
Total = $384.00 (this scenario does not include default fees)

Other Fees and Charges that may occur.

The following fees and charges may become payable to the credit
provider and will be debited to your account, as they fall due:

  • Default Dishonour $30.00
  • Default Telephone Call $7.50
  • Default Notices $16.50 
  • Default Field Call Fee$85.00
  • Default Payment Alteration Fee $15.00
  • Default File Fee $10.00
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